Trov™ LED platform selected as the most ground-breaking product of the year in the Cove Lighting Category

Los Angeles, CA, May 15, 2015 — Ecosense, a fast-growing manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting technologies, announced today that the new Trov platform was recognized as the BEST IN CATEGORY for Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Cove and Strip Lighting at the LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards®.

Judged by an independent panel of renowned lighting professionals, the LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards recognize excellence in new lighting products and technologies introduced in the past twelve months. As the industry’s highest honor, the LIGHTFAIR Innovation Awards illustrate the potential of LED technology.

“We are extremely honored to be chosen for this distinguished award by leading industry professionals,” said Mark Reynoso, CEO of Ecosense. Trov reflects our vision to push the boundaries of technology and design. It has been a lot of work and we couldn’t be more proud.”

Available in over 20,000 different product configurations, Trov is the industry’s only linear plat-form designed entirely from the ground-up. This product platform includes completely original designs for the board, power supply, optics, housing and connectors.

Trov was conceived and developed for lighting designers and each attribute was meticulously engineered to incorporate market leading functionality while pushing the boundaries of beautiful design. Trov is a one-of-a-kind LED lighting platform for architectural, retail, hospitality and commercial spaces that allows for unparalleled freedom in lighting design. The product platform is intelligently designed with a patented optical system that delivers the largest assortment of beam angles available today including the highly sought-after Asymmetric distributions. Trov also features smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 0% output along with the uniquely new Flip to Flat™ design for ultimate adjustability.

Through collaboration with Lighting Designers, Ecosense launches the first “design-driven” platform to meet the needs of its customers

Los Angeles, CA, May 4, 2015 — Ecosense, a fast-growing manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting technologies, announced today that it will unveil Trov at the 2015 Lightfair International Expo. Trov is a platform conceived and designed for the needs of the lighting design community. Each attribute of Trov was meticulously de-signed from the ground up to incorporate market leading functionality while pushing the boundaries of beautiful design, giving lighting professionals greater freedom and choice in their work.

To meet the increasingly demanding application and regulatory needs of the market, Trov is available in over 20,000 product configurations. Combining the widest and most precise range of optics, our coveted dim to zero technology and a whole host of other leading features and capabilities, Trov was built to empower the design commu-nity to push the boundaries of what is possible through the medium of light.

Trov was conceived to meet the most challenging applications with:

  • Our advanced optical system developed by leading optical and color science en-gineers, delivering beautiful and uniform optical distributions. Options include a wide range of cove, graze, and wash distributions as well as our direct-view/line of light and asymmetric distributions.
  • The first of its kind Flip to Flat™ hinge allows designers to easily adjust beam an-gles from 0-180 degrees for easy adaptability and installation.
  • With our patented Dim to Zero technology, dimming is even more precise, ena-bling very smooth, flicker-free light from 100% to 0% power.
  • Our expanded range of CCTs, which includes 2200K and 2500K color tempera-tures along with High CRI options, frees designers from the constraints they have encountered in the past.
  • Our integral multi-volt auto-sensing power supply that detects input power volt-age to enable worry free installation.
  • Our lumen and wattage packages have also been expanded to accommodate for various regulatory and application requirements.

The Trov portfolio also includes two sought-after solutions frequently requested by lighting designers—the Trov Asymmetric luminaire and the Trov Line of Light lumi-naire. The Trov Asymmetric luminaire is the most compact asymmetric LED linear available that uniformly illuminates a ceiling or wall application without any shadows. While the Trov Line of Light luminaire is a one-of-kind luminaire that delivers highly efficient, uninterrupted light, ideal for hiding LED pixelation while illuminating reflective surfaces.

“This is by far the biggest product launch in our history and reflects our commitment to building great products for the lighting design community,” says Mark Reynoso, CEO of Ecosense. “We serve an elite community of professionals and look forward to exceed-ing their expectations now and in the future. We have a very talented team and I’m proud of the work they’ve done with Trov.”

At Lightfair International, Ecosense will present the new Trov family of products as well as educational demonstration stations, where visitors can take a hands-on ap-proach to learning best practices of LED lighting.

Visit Ecosense in booth #467 at Lightfair 2015 in New York City from May 5-7. For more information on Ecosense, please visit