The Demand & Supply Balancing Director will be responsible for maximizing sales and minimizing inventory. They will achieve this by developing a deep understanding of demand, developing a robust supply chain plan and orchestrating an agile supply chain that can rapidly address upside opportunities and downside risk. They will lead initiatives driving supply chain responsiveness and efficiencies and will design world-class statistical analytics capabilities in a rapidly growing business environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Establish a robust Sales & Operations Planning process, tools, and cadence
    • Generate robust statistical forecast based on historical data
    • Define sales pipeline reporting requirements
    • Collaborate with sales leadership to measure pipeline visibility and cleanliness and hold sales accountable for good data
    • Lead collaborative discussions on upside and downside risk which would result in changes to the material plan
  • Bring demand and supply together and establish One Plan which drives the supply chain
  • Create the demand forecast and safety stock min/max inventory levels to share with Contract Manufacturers and key suppliers
  • Develop strong relationships throughout the supply chain to align their approach to EcoSense’s strategy
  • Collaborate with sales to eliminate any finished goods inventory and excess material inventory
  • Monitor Contract Manufactures material inventory and supplier VMI is to plan and can meet any upside demand
  • Develop decision making support tools which incorporate statistical forecasting, capacity and material optimization, and material attributes such as cost, MOQ and lead time. Ensures that the right level of information is available to the right audience at the right time
  • Architect and implement future supply chain infrastructure to meet product roadmap and revenue targets
  • Lead management decisions based on inventory, key supply chain information for optimizing the supply chain and clear decision points in the supply chain
  • Build the organization hiring world class talent


  • Undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Finance, Supply Chain, Engineering or related field.
  • MBA or Masters degree preferred.
  • 8-12 years of demand planning or supply chain management experience with proficiency in supply chain concepts, including how demand/supply planning impacts other functions of the business
  • Experience in developing statistical modeling tools for demand and supply planning
  • Microsoft Excel, Access and VBA power user
  • Familiarity with NetSuite or similar tools preferred
  • Experience working in global teams
  • Dedication to detail and accuracy
  • Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-motivated and collaborative management style