RISE F380 Combo 5TRed Dot Design Award
RISE F380 COMBO 5TRed Dot Design Award
RISE F380 COMBO 5TRed Dot Design Award
Red Dot Design Award
RISE F380 Combo 5BRed Dot Design Award
Red Dot Design Award
F380 COMBO 5BRed Dot Design Award


RISE F380 COMBO is a unique configuration that groups four RISE F080 SINGLE units and one RISE F170 SINGLE unit – for a total of five light units, allowing Lighting Designers to illuminate the most challenging applications. Each fixture head can be specified with a unique beam angle and lumen output for application specific needs. This powerful unit is ideal for spot, accent, landscape, façade, and floodlight applications.

RISE | F380 COMBO is available in two configurations:
F380 COMBO 5T: The F170 SINGLE unit is on the top position
F380 COMBO 5B: The F170 SINGLE unit is on the bottom position


RISE is the next generation of exterior lighting, designed to deliver powerful options and unique configurability for lighting designers.

  • 5° Laser Spot

    Featuring the world’s only 5° Laser Spot beam angle, RISE delivers a high-quality tight beam with a Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) that is twice as powerful as competitors. Ideal for precise lighting.

  • MACRO™ Lock

    Also unique to RISE is the patent-pending MACRO™ Lock aiming feature that allows for full 180° tilt and 360° pan using a single screw. Nice and easy to install and aim.

  • Color Consistency

    RISE delivers a CCT color palette that matches consistently with TROV CCTs for uniformity of color throughout your application.

  • DUO, QUAD & COMBO Bracketry

    RISE features a new-to-the-world bracketry system for ultimate scalability and control. From one single installation point, Lighting Designers can double or quadruple lumen power and/or aim multiple light fixtures in different directions.

Take a look at the other RISE options:

Quick View

  • Beam Angles:
    • Spot & Accent: 5° / 10° / 15° / 20°
    • Flood: 40° / 60° / 80°
    • Elliptical: 15°x60° / 30°x60° / 60°x15° / 60°x30°
  • Wattage and Lumen Package Options @ 4000K:
    • Low Output: 2400Lm/LF
    • Medium Output: 4000Lm/LF
    • High Output: 5600Lm/LF
  • Efficacy: up to 92Lm/W
  • CCT: 2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K
  • High CRI 90+ available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K only
  • Mono Color options available in Red, Green, Blue, and Amber
  • Aiming Adjustment: 180° Tilt and 360° Pan with MACRO™ Lock Design
  • Multi-Volt: 110V-277V input voltage
  • Flicker-free dimming down to 5% input power
  • ELV/Reverse Phase dimming
  • Exterior IP66
  • Finish Options: Black, Bronze, Silver, White, or Custom Color
  • Custom Color Finish: Select a custom color from a RAL color deck.

> Click to view RISE F080 and RISE F170.

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